Sunshine Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd becomes one of the best amusement equipment manufacturers in China with 10 years of experience and stable development, and has customized high-end amusement projects for education and entertainment playgrounds and parks including Children's Discovery Centre, Science and Technology Museum, Theme Park, Indoor Children's Park as well as Educational Institution in more than 30 countries and regions.
Sunshine will concentrate on growing kids’ curiosity and intelligence for another 50 years and BEYOND!
Besides, Sunshine owns an innovative and creative team with hundreds of technical talents such as industrial designers, exterior designers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, welders and carpenters as well as dozens of national patent authorizations.
At present, 80 percents of our products are non-standard customized. Our R & D and design capacity has reached the top level of the industry and gained extensive praises in the industry. The design team and technicians work together to achieve mutual cooperation so as to engage in production operations, duly optimize customer experience and functions of corresponding products and perfectly combine utility, stability and education.
Our company has the ability to create the best customization for our clients. So far, Sunshine owns nearly 7 acres of industrial land and 3 acres of machining workshops and assembly shops.
In 2018, Sunshine introduced laser cutting machines assembled with mega fibers, carbon dioxide laser engraving machine, plate shearing machine, bending machine, woodworking edge banding machine, CNC engraving machine, butt welding machine, plastic vacuum forming machinery, injection molding machine and other modern production equipment accounting for 80 sets, which help intelligent manufacturing and ensure that customized projects meet international standards.